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Terms and Conditions

1. We CloudZoo In Does Not Support Any Kind Of Hardware Related Issues, It Is Fully Customer Side Responsibility.

2. CloudZoo In Does Not Support Any Kind of Other Software Related Issues, Other Than Our Own Product. It Is Fully A Customer Side Responsibility.

3. Initially, The Requirement Which Are Taken From The Customer Before Installation Will Only Be Processed And Provided To The Customer At The Time Of Installation. Customer Need To Bare The Additional Charge In Case Of Change Of Requirement.

4. Any Other Changes Further Provided By The Customer Will Be Charged With Respect To Type Of Change Asked For And It Will Be Processed Within 3 To 15 Working Days With Respect To Changes Required By The Customer.

5. All Types Of Print Forms Which Are To Be Used By Customer Must Be Provided At The Time Requirement And Those Print Forms Will Only Be Prepared By Our Tech Team And Provided To The Customer At The Day Of Installation.

6. Any Other Print Forms Provided By The Customer At The Spot During Installation Or Service Time Period Will Only Be Taken As Requirement, Will Not Be Prepared At The Spot.

7. All Types Of Print Forms Which Are Taken As Requirement After The Installation From The Customer Will Be Charged With Respect To The Print Form Prepared As Per The Requirement.

8. If There Is Any Tickets Raised Against Our Product, Our Support Team Will Respond To The Customer Within 24 To 48 Working Hours And Declare The Time And Date When The Raised Ticket Will Be Completed And When Our Tech Team Will Reach Customer.

9. Our Technical Executives Will Reach The Customer And Only Deal With The Previously Raised Ticket Only.

10. Any Other Issues Raised At The Spot While Attending The Previous Issues Will Not Be Cleared At The Spot, Further It Will Be Raised As Another Ticket And Will Be Cleared During The Next Visit.

11. Payment Once Paid Cannot Be Refunded

12. A Life Time Free Software Upgrade Is Provided For All Customers of CloudZoo. The Term Upgrade Means, Bug Clearance, Version Updates.

13. For Additional PC License 2000 INR + 18% GST Is Charged.

14. Customers Of CloudZoo In Has Free Access To Support.Cloudzoo.In Portal To Learn About CloudZoo ERP From Video Tutorials And Manual Books.

15. By Installing, Customers Are Agreed For The Above Mentioned Terms And Service Agreement.

16. Full Activation Will Be Enabled Only When Full Payment Received From the Dealers [In Case Customer Purchased From a Dealer] / Customers

17. CloudZoo Re-Installation Payment 750 INR + 18% GST Will Be Charged.